Global Partnerships


Frenkel Benefits is an Assurex Global partner and sits on its Global and Americas Benefits Advisory Boards.

Assurex Global is an exclusive partnership of the top independent brokers worldwide. Frenkel’s Assurex partnership gives you the dual value of expert centralized management by Frenkel and local market servicing by vetted professionals who live in and fully understand that market.

As a member:

  • Frenkel Benefits has developed relationships with major insurance brokers in over 70 countries so that we can offer you global reach and seamless services.
  • Frenkel gains priority access to international markets. Assurex partners collectively write over $29 billion in premiums around the world. Insurance companies pay attention to that type of number.

Assurex selects only one firm per market – carefully vetting its partners to insure that Frenkel’s Assurex partnership gives you access to the leading experts across the globe.

Frenkel Benefits is a member of the International Benefits Network (IBN)

IBN is a network of independent employee benefit consultants in over 70 countries around the world, providing member firms and their clients with access to international employee benefits expertise.

IBN has a large global reach of benefit consulting expertise with member firms spanning over two dozen countries and five continents. Membership in IBN allows Frenkel Benefits to offer global benefits across the 70 countries within the extensive IBN network, and in turn, Frenkel Benefits brings their long history of employee benefits capabilities and leadership in the United States to fellow members.

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Frenkel Benefits is a member of GBN Worldwide

GBN is an interconnected, technology backed, global insurance eco-system made up of independent insurance, reinsurance, human capital, and risk management organizations from around the world. GBN’s vision is to be a borderless insurance and international business network, both physically and virtually, by building a global insurance eco-system that enables our partners and clients to transact the business of risk anytime, anywhere, and in every language.

Frenkel’s membership within the GBN Worldwide network is our latest global partnership allowing us to further expand our global reach and gain priority access to international markets.