More Movement in Healthcare: Senate Unveils Better Care Reconciliation Act

More Movement in Healthcare Senate Unveils Better Care Reconciliation Act

As President Trump passes his 150th day in office, Congressional Republicans have finally revealed their healthcare bill which has been named the Better Care Reconciliation Act. The select group of senators who have been working behind closed doors to craft this plan will need to appease somewhat unaligned senators, yet at the same time be… [Read More]

Employer-Based vs. Individual Coverage – What Employees Should Know

Employer-Based vs. Individual Coverage – What Employees Should Know

At the Benefits Help Desk we often hear from employees who are unclear on the difference between their employer-sponsored health plans and the coverage they can purchase outside of work, like those available from the individual marketplace. We all know how difficult healthcare can be to navigate. It’s no surprise that it may not be… [Read More]

Senate Takes up Healthcare Reform

5-2-16 An Exciting Day in Washington

In contrast to the very public spectacle in the House as Republicans took up healthcare, a much more muted approach has been taken in the Senate. Last week, the Senate non-partisan parliamentarian advised that the American Health Care Act (AHCA), passed by the House, met the budget reconciliation rules. That means this legislation could avoid much… [Read More]

Wellness Incentives – a Case Study

Wellness Incentives – a Case Study

One of the most common questions I receive from my clients is, “how do we get more employees to participate?” While I wish my answer could be about appealing to the intrinsic value of improving one’s health, my most common responses are: Provide a more enticing incentive. Increase promotion. Get senior leadership onboard and involved…. [Read More]

Limiting the Employer Exclusion for Healthcare Is the Wrong Idea

Limiting the Employer Exclusion for Healthcare Is the Wrong Idea

The Republicans are looking everywhere for funds to fix healthcare, as well they should. This problem is not an easy one to solve, however. Under ACA, employers were faced with the Cadillac Tax and as a result they wasted no time in planning to mitigate the effect. While the Democrats seemed to believe that this… [Read More]

Decoding Network Disruption

Decoding Network Disruption

One of the most critical factors an employer considers when deciding to change medical (or dental) carriers is network disruption. And rightfully so. Improvement or deterioration in the network penetration rate can have a profound impact on the underpinnings of the program. First and foremost, members will be influenced by any change in network coverage…. [Read More]

Stop Loss Insurance… More Important Than Ever

Stop Loss Insurance... More Important Than Ever

With the increase in popularity of self-insurance, health plan sponsors must take the time to fully understand the “safety net” that is typically purchased alongside these plans to protect them from unexpected costs. There are two elements of stop loss: Individual (or Specific) Stop Loss (ISL) protects against the costs of any one claimant exceeding… [Read More]

Insurers Digging Through the Numbers on Oncology Treatments

Insurers Digging Through The Numbers On Oncology Treatments

One of the most difficult issues we face as a society is the cost of care for people who are terminally ill. In fact, most of a person’s lifetime healthcare spend is incurred at the end of their lives. With the advent, and ongoing issue, of skyrocketing pharmaceutical costs insurers are looking closely at the… [Read More]

Watch Out for the Unintended Consequences of Washington Shenanigans


Once again President Trump is threatening to drop the Obama administration’s appeal of the Federal Circuit Court ruling that would disallow funding for cost-sharing subsidies for low-income Americans. These subsidies amount to about $7 billion a year and would affect about 7 million members who obtained coverage on the individual market. As a result, this is… [Read More]

Boosting Voluntary Benefits Enrollment Is a Win-Win

Boosting Voluntary Benefits Enrollment Is a Win-Win-514276062

I know we’ve all been doing a bit of nail biting since the administration change over the uncertainty that lies ahead. And although we don’t have any control over the outcome of healthcare reform, there are ways to support and empower your employees during this new era. Educating employees about their total benefits package is… [Read More]