More Pharmacy Fixes

The collateral effect of writing these blogs is that insurance companies (I am happy to say many of them follow me) and third parties are quick to provide additional information or clarification to the issue at hand. There was quite a bit of follow up about my pharmacy blog last week.

UnitedHealthcare let me know about a new feature on their website: PreCheck MyScript. This program, which is available to the doctor at the time of the office visit, identifies prior authorization requirements, provides clinical support and identifies gaps in care. United claims that it avoids 30% of claim denials at the pharmacy. UHC protocols have been changed to reach out to providers in the event an authorization needs to be extended. They claim to also alert patients if a lower-cost therapeutic alternative becomes available and reminded me that for insured plans, rebates will be passed through to consumers effective 1/1/2019.

I was also reminded of Tesser Health and Rx Saving Solutions, two third-party applications which solve these issues. I am thrilled to do my part in reducing healthcare friction!

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