This Flu Season’s Outbreak Is No Laughing Matter

Cropped shot of a sick businesswoman blowing her nose in the boardroom

I’ve had more clients than usual reach out to me for communications related to this year’s flu season and flu prevention tips. Why, you ask? Because this year’s influenza outbreak is widespread with hospitalizations occurring in 49 of 50 states. And it’s no longer just dangerous for children and those age 65+… Now employees age… [Read More]

Don’t Whack the Tobacco Differential Messenger!

Boss and Business game

It’s open enrollment season at Frenkel Benefits and, like clockwork, at least one of our client account managers calls me in to work closely with their client on implementing or updating a tobacco differential in their medical plan. It’s a somewhat tricky thing to do, so I’m happy to help. However, inevitably – when we… [Read More]

No Need for Stigma

No Need for Stigma

I’m just going to come out and say it… It’s okay to go to therapy – AND it helps! For too long, the stigma of seeing a therapist has prevented delivery of much-needed care. People are concerned what their family, friends, and employer will think of them. Thankfully, the tide has turned; individuals and businesses… [Read More]

Wellness Incentives – a Case Study

Wellness Incentives – a Case Study

One of the most common questions I receive from my clients is, “how do we get more employees to participate?” While I wish my answer could be about appealing to the intrinsic value of improving one’s health, my most common responses are: Provide a more enticing incentive. Increase promotion. Get senior leadership onboard and involved…. [Read More]

Total Wellness

Total Wellness

Recently, I’ve had a few long-time wellness clients ask me “what’s next?” They’re wondering what’s new in wellness and what can they do to refresh their established programs. I must say, I get quite excited when clients want to go above and beyond basic wellness programming. For those of you who are new to wellness,… [Read More]

The Scoop on Wellness Regulations: Vendor Edition


As if HR didn’t have enough to keep track of already, in walked the EEOC (U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) with more important regulations to take into account. Recently, the EEOC provided additional guidance on ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and GINA (Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act) as they relate to wellness programs, as we covered… [Read More]

Helping Employees Escape the Emotional Election Rollercoaster


It’s been a month since the presidential election and people are still experiencing a range of reactions. Some are excited and feeling hopeful about the changes President-elect Trump has presented in some of his thoughts for his first 100 days and the duration of his term – nationwide emotions are flaring. Many employees are experiencing… [Read More]

Addressing Mental Health Past the Post-Holiday Stress


As the holiday season comes to an end, it’s easy for companies to let wellness fall to the side. But for many people, the holidays and the weeks that follow can be stressful – and it’s a great opportunity for employers to address the stress management concerns. The stigma surrounding mental health services has many… [Read More]

Quest for Credibility: Food and Fitness Advice in the Modern Age

health wellness modern age internet

There will always be a never-ending stream of fad diets and fitness crazes, but who we trust to inform us about healthful eating and exercise, is increasingly worrisome. Busy schedules and a constant barrage of information have led employees to trust sound bites, tweets, gifs, pictures, and news headlines for health advice. What is troubling… [Read More]

Summer Wellness Programming to Rebalance the Work/Life Balance

WorkLife Balance

Summer is upon us and with it comes holidays, BBQs, vacations, and of course – work. Your employees may not be thinking about their work/life balance, but you should be. Work isn’t going anywhere, but if your employees don’t take time to refresh, they’re chugging along toward lower productivity, and an eventual burn out. There’s… [Read More]