Putting Consumer-Driven Health Plan Adoption on the Fast Track

Putting Consumer-Driven Health Plan Adoption on the Fast Track

With rising costs in the group-based market, trends in health plan design stay pointed at plans with member responsibility. So now, more than ever, employers should be concerned over the effectiveness of their employee benefit communications. Think your company is doing a great job? The 2017 Alegeus Broker and Employer Research Report finds employers are… [Read More]

Boosting Voluntary Benefits Enrollment Is a Win-Win

Boosting Voluntary Benefits Enrollment Is a Win-Win-514276062

I know we’ve all been doing a bit of nail biting since the administration change over the uncertainty that lies ahead. And although we don’t have any control over the outcome of healthcare reform, there are ways to support and empower your employees during this new era. Educating employees about their total benefits package is… [Read More]

Bridge Your Engagement Gap – Go Mobile

Bridge Your Engagement Gap – Go Mobile

The impact of mobile technology in every industry is profound and those of you in HR will see a significant impact to your field as well. Mobile technology is quickly being embraced by organizations to engage their workforce – after all, engaged employees drive our business. They are productive, loyal and increase the bottom line…. [Read More]

Online Enrollment – More Than Just Simplifying Administration

Online Enrollment—More Than Just Simplifying Administration 

Enrollment and reporting are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the features and functions of online enrollment platforms. Technology is playing a huge role in communicating benefits information to employees outside of the open enrollment period and enrollment platforms can really maximize your communications efforts, pushing out education to employees and… [Read More]

Don’t Close the Book on Open Enrollment Yet


As open enrollment comes to a close, it’s tempting to want to put it behind us as quickly as possible. After all, who doesn’t have other projects to move on to. But while enrollment is still fresh in your mind, take a few minutes to evaluate how it went, in these specific areas: Communication –… [Read More]

Enhancing Your Internal Communication Strategy

enhancing employer communication

According to a recent Gallup Poll, only about 30 percent of the employee workforce is engaged at work. This leaves a widening gap of employees who simply aren’t hearing you, a problem that not only leads to an uninformed workforce but also one with lower levels of morale and productivity. The competition for employees’ attention… [Read More]

You Pay When Your Employees Worry about Money

Money coming out of jar

With all the emphasis on healthcare over the past several years, many companies have overlooked another important issue: money. Financial stress is one of the biggest distractions to employees. The time employees spend worrying about money and dealing with personal financial issues costs American businesses billions of dollars every year in lost productivity. And it… [Read More]