DOL’s Final Rule on Disability Claim Procedures

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I’ve been keeping my eye on movement here for well over a year and after some delay, the Department of Labor (DOL) issued final regulations amending the existing claim procedures for ERISA-governed plans providing disability benefits. The DOL is looking to provide needed protections for American workers, and any disability claims filed on or after April… [Read More]

Introduce Voluntary Benefits Outside of Open Enrollment

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Here we are again… Open enrollment madness for core benefit programs is in the rearview mirror and human resources teams can focus on planning for next year. It pleases me to see voluntary benefits gaining more traction with employers of all sizes, but I’ve noticed that most employers’ initial thought is to introduce new voluntary offerings… [Read More]

In New York State It May Be the Right Time to Outsource Your Leave Management Programs

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It’s a pretty big deal – New York State’s introduction of mandatory Paid Family Leave (PFL) coverage has made a mark on U.S. history and the state is now one of five in the country, plus the District of Columbia, to move ahead with these workers’ rights. Ironically, the United States – with all that it has… [Read More]

Got Business Travel Accident Coverage?

Got Business Travel Accident Coverage

In this day and age, technology is capable of bringing together bright minds from opposite sides of the globe – but sometimes web-based meetings just aren’t enough to make a real connection. Travel can be an integral part of maintaining business relationships and while most companies agree they should provide additional benefits and support to… [Read More]

Have You Reviewed Your Statutory Disability Plan?


Employers do not often put much thought into their statutory Short Term Disability (STD) plans. For employees working in New York & New Jersey, HR professionals allow the state to implement state STD plans to meet statutory requirements and do not conduct any additional due diligence. While this approach may satisfy statutory requirements, I think there are… [Read More]

Underinsured for Life Insurance – Employers Can Fill the Gap

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Time and time again, Americans are left unaware of a significant exposure in their overall financial state. Most calculate and pay basic bills, and they feel assured that they have health insurance – this is all well and good, but what happens in the event of a death? The average American worker is under-serviced by… [Read More]

Bring It All Together: Bundling Life, Disability and Medical


When I sit down with a new client and ask which carriers they partner with for Life, Accident, Short Term Disability (STD) and Long Term Disability (LTD), the response that I hear the most is a lack of cohesive strategy; a few different insurance carriers administering different combinations of coverage. This means that coverages are disconnected… [Read More]

Taxability of LTD Benefits: Where Do You Stand?


Most employees probably haven’t considered the taxability of their disability benefits, but they should – there are significant financial implications should they become disabled. This is where employee communications are vital – it’s up to the employer to effectively communicate important details like this to their employees. Most employees have a general understanding – they… [Read More]

Filling the High Deductible Gap with Critical Illness


Many employers are adopting or considering High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) to help control skyrocketing healthcare costs. The biggest concern of employers with these plans is that they leave their employees exposed to higher financial risk. If a major health issue strikes, many households have insufficient savings available to pay for the higher out-of-pocket expenses…. [Read More]

Supplemental Disability—An Extra Dose of Compensation & Security


If you ask most executives if they have disability coverage, they say yes (but they have no idea what or how much is covered) – or worse, no…or I have no idea. Disability income protection, often overlooked, protects you if you are unable to earn a living due to accident or illness. This is protection… [Read More]