Healthcare. Okay. Now What Do We Do?

Flag and Stethoscope

What a week it’s been. I am not sure why President Trump thinks that his latest attempt to coerce the Republican Congress will work better than his past efforts. The Democrats relied on 50 votes to get the Affordable Care Act (ACA) through and now the Republicans are trying to rely on 50 votes to make… [Read More]

Republican Senate Makes One More Go at Healthcare Reform

Making Healthcare Sausage

Senate Republicans are at it again, and this one may be their last chance to deliver on healthcare reform. And it is simply amazing to me how this has morphed into a bill that no one will like. Even though an additional $70 billion has been provided to subsidize care over the next 10 years… [Read More]

Healthcare…What’s the Answer?

Healthcare…What’s the Answer

As the Senate wrestles with finding the balance to pass its version of healthcare reform, a proposal by Senator Ted Cruz looks like it is gaining popularity. This amendment would allow insurers to offer plans which do not comply with the Affordable Care Act so long as they offer at least one plan which does… [Read More]

More Details on the Senate Healthcare Bill

Are Association Health Plans a Good Idea

Debate is now raging in Washington over healthcare reform. Republicans are hoping to use the 2017 budget reconciliation process, reducing the required number of yes votes from 60 to 50, to pass this bill. However, there is a September 30 deadline that looms heavily over the Senate Chamber if reconciliation is to be used. Without reconciliation,… [Read More]

More Movement in Healthcare: Senate Unveils Better Care Reconciliation Act

More Movement in Healthcare Senate Unveils Better Care Reconciliation Act

As President Trump passes his 150th day in office, Congressional Republicans have finally revealed their healthcare bill which has been named the Better Care Reconciliation Act. The select group of senators who have been working behind closed doors to craft this plan will need to appease somewhat unaligned senators, yet at the same time be… [Read More]

Senate Takes up Healthcare Reform

5-2-16 An Exciting Day in Washington

In contrast to the very public spectacle in the House as Republicans took up healthcare, a much more muted approach has been taken in the Senate. Last week, the Senate non-partisan parliamentarian advised that the American Health Care Act (AHCA), passed by the House, met the budget reconciliation rules. That means this legislation could avoid much… [Read More]

Limiting the Employer Exclusion for Healthcare Is the Wrong Idea

Limiting the Employer Exclusion for Healthcare Is the Wrong Idea

The Republicans are looking everywhere for funds to fix healthcare, as well they should. This problem is not an easy one to solve, however. Under ACA, employers were faced with the Cadillac Tax and as a result they wasted no time in planning to mitigate the effect. While the Democrats seemed to believe that this… [Read More]

Watch Out for the Unintended Consequences of Washington Shenanigans


Once again President Trump is threatening to drop the Obama administration’s appeal of the Federal Circuit Court ruling that would disallow funding for cost-sharing subsidies for low-income Americans. These subsidies amount to about $7 billion a year and would affect about 7 million members who obtained coverage on the individual market. As a result, this is… [Read More]

The Senate Debate on Healthcare Reform

Making Healthcare Sausage

The American Health Care Act (AHCA) has reached the Senate and passage is far from certain. With the slimmest of margins the GOP can afford only two defections and at the same time will need to present legislation which is ultimately acceptable to their colleagues in the House. But even the core principles such as… [Read More]

Healthcare in the Trump Era Takes Its First Step

Healthcare in the Trump Era Takes Its First Step

Today, the House narrowly passed the American Health Care Act; the Republican answer to Obamacare. In order to garner support from reluctant House members there were several important changes from the bill that failed to pass two months ago. The first change would allow states to opt out of exchange requirements and give the states… [Read More]