Introduce Voluntary Benefits Outside of Open Enrollment

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Here we are again… Open enrollment madness for core benefit programs is in the rearview mirror and human resources teams can focus on planning for next year. It pleases me to see voluntary benefits gaining more traction with employers of all sizes, but I’ve noticed that most employers’ initial thought is to introduce new voluntary offerings… [Read More]

Employer-Based vs. Individual Coverage – What Employees Should Know

Employer-Based vs. Individual Coverage – What Employees Should Know

At the Benefits Help Desk we often hear from employees who are unclear on the difference between their employer-sponsored health plans and the coverage they can purchase outside of work, like those available from the individual marketplace. We all know how difficult healthcare can be to navigate. It’s no surprise that it may not be… [Read More]

BigLaw Benefit Trends Emerge


Representing over two dozen Am Law200 firms, Frenkel periodically reviews the latest benefit trends arising in the legal market. Nearly two years since our last legal industry review, we have once again surveyed the market and uncovered a handful of key emerging trends ushering in the 2017 open enrollment period with several highlights summarized below:… [Read More]

Managing the Effect of Low Interest Rates: The Power of Policy Review


The policy review process is seldom simple. As a life insurance broker, I can attest to the complexity of monitoring policies as the marketplace changes. Low interest rates have bedeviled the life insurance industry for years now. But I’ve noticed a trend which may interfere with clients’ ability to pay their premiums if not accounted for… [Read More]

Three Simple Questions to Help You Answer: “What is the best health insurance policy?”


With all of the changes to the health insurance markets over the past few years, “What is the best health insurance policy” is a question that I’m often asked. But this is challenging to answer because no “one-size-fits-all” policy exists in the world. Many factors must be considered – and laying out more money on… [Read More]

Open Enrollment Riddles: Decoding the Process for Employees


The Frenkel Help Desk is bracing for the annual flood of calls which comes along each open enrollment season. Healthcare is confusing for many employees, and we expect similar questions each year. Questions are inevitable – and that’s what we’re here for. But it’s up to employers to arm employees up front with clear communications…. [Read More]

Technology: The New Healthcare Frontier

Technology-The New Healthcare Frontier

A recent Harris Poll reports that nearly a third of Americans are uncomfortable with managing their healthcare. Healthcare costs for a family of four now exceed $25,000 per year, but Americans are less confident purchasing healthcare than buying a home or a car. And it is not easy to make good healthcare decisions. As a… [Read More]

A Talk with Dave Cordani of Cigna


On Wednesday I attended a meeting with Dave Cordani, the CEO of Cigna. He is considered one of the big thinkers in healthcare and I am happy to say that his talk was very much in line with the blogs I have been publishing. Healthcare is changing. Our country is moving from pay-for-volume to pay-for-value…. [Read More]

Mandatory Mail Order Rx and the Privacy Dilemma


We have been hearing a lot about the explosion in the cost of specialty Rx that is leaving insurers, health plans, and governmental payors virtually defenseless against their cost (see Sovaldi). One of the mechanisms being deployed to combat the rising price tag is mandatory specialty Rx oversight.  What this basically does is cede total… [Read More]