Is “Medicaid-for-All” Possible?


The ACA exchange rates continue to increase as we witness Nebraska up 35%, Connecticut up almost 25%, and Florida seeing a 19% rise in costs. And now, researchers are showing that these higher costs will change the risk profile on the exchanges. A recent study by the Society of Actuaries reported that average risk scores… [Read More]

Another Setback for Private Exchanges

Medical touch screen

Only three years ago, we were told that the future of healthcare had arrived. Mimicking employers’ transition of retirement plan treatment, employers were going to be freezing traditional benefit programs en masse and migrating their employees to a “defined contribution” private exchange model – a model where costs were fixed and employees bear the financial… [Read More]

Healthcare Trends–Leveraging Benefits Down


Spiraling costs make our healthcare system very fragile. Employers remain committed to providing healthcare benefits, but they are looking for solutions. The New York Times reported this week that almost one third of large employers will be offering high deductible plans as a single plan option in the coming open enrollment. This is up from… [Read More]

You’re Going with an Exchange: How to Evaluate Your Choices?


Last of a multipart series: Private Exchanges–Consultants’ Solution to Healthcare Inflation. I leave you with a few last thoughts about this major decision. Medical trend will continue. If the employer elects to increase contributions by 5% and costs escalate by 10%, a breaking point will be reached. At first, employees will lever down to lower-cost… [Read More]

Which Platform?


Third of a multipart series: Private Exchanges–Consultants’ Solution to Healthcare Inflation. You are about to get inundated with Private Exchange options. Every one of them will purport to have market-leading advantages.  How can you tell which platform works best for you? The national consulting firms are all introducing their proprietary platforms.  With the exception of… [Read More]