HEALTHCARE REFORM SEMINAR: What Healthcare Reform Means to Employers Today…

Our March seminar rounded up and tackled some of the biggest benefits questions and legislative uncertainties. 

Seminar sessions included:

  • Evolution of Health Insurance Delivery: Generational Changes Coming to Insurance
  • How Do You Know You’re In Compliance?
  • NY Paid Family Leave
  • ACA to AHCA: The Battle for Repeal & Replace

Highlights from the sessions included:

  • Healthcare delivery and the roles of various healthcare entities have seen an explosion in complexity – the old cost-mitigating tricks no longer apply
  • High performance, narrow networks can achieve 15-20% in healthcare savings
  • Other cost-saving solutions include purchase of healthcare delivery systems (think: hospital networks) and using reference-based reimbursement schedules
  • The rollout of Frenkel’s new web-based compliance tool will assist in navigating the complexity of changes in rules and regulations
  • NY Paid Family Leave becomes effective 1/1/2018 and will be employee-paid with relatively low premiums
  • Group healthcare trend has seen an increase in large claims, not in routine utilization costs
  • Over half of Americans get their health coverage through their employer – the real noise takes place in the individual market, specifically in Medicaid

Looking for follow-up materials from the seminar? Contact your Frenkel account executive or click here.

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