Craig Hasday, Frenkel Benefits President, Ranks First Place in Employee Benefit New’s “EBN’s top blogs of 2017”

Frenkel Benefits’ President, Craig Hasday, ranked the highest in page views in Employee Benefit New’s “EBN’s top blogs of 2017” with his guest blog post from January about healthcare reform and predictions for the year ahead. Following President Trump’s election, Craig wrote that the number one question on clients’ minds was how to position their healthcare strategy and benefit plans. His five predictions were shared in the most-read EBN blog, “5 ways Trumpcare is likely to change employee benefits.

Craig writes several blog posts each year for EBN, along with monthly blogs for Employee Benefit Adviser (EBA) in addition to the FrenkelySpeaking blog. He also took the top spot in EBA’s top blogs of 2017. Click here to read all of Craig’s blog posts in EBN and here to read all of his posts in EBA. 

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