Craig Hasday, Frenkel Benefits President, Quoted by Insurance Business America in Healthcare Market Disruption Article

Frenkel President Craig Hasday was recently quoted by Insurance Business America in an article highlighting Amazon’s arrival into the U.S. healthcare market, which the publication says is creating a divergence among insurers. Where some see a threat, others welcome the challenge.

“I think the unique skill sets and scale of the three consortium partners give this effort a high chance of success,” said Hasday. “Berkshire Hathaway’s insurance knowledge, Amazon’s distribution capabilities and JPMorgan Chase’s financial acumen are enhanced by the ability to avoid traditional state-based laws as self-insured employers.”

In the article, Craig goes on to explain, “Once they develop a transparent and efficient model, it will become easier to scale and expand their reach, first to other self-insured employers and then to the commercial insurance market. Eliminating the side-pocket profits and conflicts of interest in dispensing care will score immediate victories with very low-hanging fruit.”

To read the full article in Insurance Business America’s E-mag, click here and mouse over to pages 12-13.

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