Craig Hasday, President, Awarded IBN’s 2017 Service Excellence Award

Our partner, International Benefits Network (IBN)’s, Service Excellence Award reflects the network’s focus on promoting global standards in employee benefit consulting. The 2017 award was presented to our president, Craig Hasday, at the recent IBN Annual General Meeting in Paris. 

Below are some comments made about Frenkel’s top-notch service by other IBN members: 

“Frenkel have provided excellent support for our client. Craig and team have been extremely helpful, patient and supportive. Craig even made a specific effort to meet with the client.”

Craig and Frenkel have truly exhibited the behaviours of collaboration and service excellence as an IBN partner. Craig is extremely responsive and personally engages regardless of size of client or complexity of issue request. For example:

Craig personally engages direct with our colleagues and clients to respond. Not only did Craig and his team actively contribute to the formal RFP with content, Craig approved a senior team member and incurred the full expense to attend the finalist presentation.

Numerous questions from my colleagues across the country, prospects and our clients were professionally handled unconditionally with no ask for reward. Whether it was Craig or a delegate from his team, our colleagues had what they needed for a professional response. 

Craig and team are always available to speak and process directly with colleagues and receptive to getting on a call with our colleagues and the client directly.”

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