Craig Hasday, President, Quoted in Employee Benefit Adviser Article

Frenkel Benefits President, Craig Hasday, was quoted in a December 16, 2016 Employee Benefit Adviser article about the intended deconstruction of ACA post-election. Craig spoke about how a replacement plan would need to satisfy both sides of the aisle if it’s going to work, saying “I would give the Democrats an ‘A’ for effort, but a failing grade in executing President Obama’s signature legislation. And to a large part, I attribute this to partisanship arrogance. The party of ‘hope and change’ didn’t stay focused on what has worked to make our country great: the democratic process.” Click here to read the article online. Craig also writes a monthly guest blog post for the Employee Benefit Adviser blog to share his insights on healthcare as it relates to employee benefits and employer strategy. His most recent blog post discusses the future of healthcare in post-election America. Click here to read this blog post and to find Craig’s past posts.

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