What Repeal of the Individual Mandate Would Mean to Americans


The Republicans are at it again. The latest negotiations in the Senate on their tax bill have led them back to a proposal to eliminate the individual mandate under the Affordable Care Act. The lure of more than $300 billion in tax savings as calculated by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is too big a number… [Read More]

ACA Penalties Are About to Hit Employers

ACA Penalties Are About to Hit Employers

Reach way back into your memory bank to the time when your broker presented you with a “pay or play” analysis to determine whether you comply with the employer mandate under the Affordable Care Act. There was the $2,000 penalty which applies to every full-time employee in the event there was no valid offer of… [Read More]

Large ACA Fees are Back

Calculating Healthcare Cost

For those who have forgotten, the fourth quarter returns with another hefty fee which all employers must pay to help support the Affordable Care Act. The transitional reinsurance fee made its grand entrance in 2014 with a bill of $63 per member imposed on employer-sponsored healthcare programs. Fully-insured plans had the fee embedded in their… [Read More]


Supreme Court

ACA opponents will get no judicial relief as once again, the U.S. Supreme Court has rescued the Affordable Care Act. Its ruling on King v. Burwell affirmed the government’s right to allow subsidies on the federal exchange, despite the law’s wording which allows these only on “exchanges established by the states.” In his dissent, Justice… [Read More]