Walmart-Humana and the Future of Healthcare

Fast speed dataflow.

Change and consolidation continue to sweep the insurance industry. Healthcare represents almost 20% of the U.S. economy. Costs are increasing and almost no one is happy. These are ingredients for change. The retail sales portion of the economy is also under extreme pressure – with thousands of stores closing and wildly-moving stock prices, this market is as ready for drastic… [Read More]

Moving Forward Amidst Continuous Change and Consolidation


The most recent news in healthcare consolidation is certainly the insurer mergers: Anthem’s purchase of Cigna and Aetna’s of Humana. Consolidation has ramped into high gear throughout the healthcare industry – and it means we are in store for continuous change. Since I started in this business, I have watched the market shrink from in… [Read More]

The Times They Are A-Changin’ in Group Insurance


I had an enlightening breakfast meeting today and the topic, of all things, was the small group insurance marketplace. This is a market facing an enormous amount of change. Central to the change is the advent of the exchanges; the lack of employer mandate for groups under 50 employees and the most important change: issuance… [Read More]

A Talk with Dave Cordani of Cigna


On Wednesday I attended a meeting with Dave Cordani, the CEO of Cigna. He is considered one of the big thinkers in healthcare and I am happy to say that his talk was very much in line with the blogs I have been publishing. Healthcare is changing. Our country is moving from pay-for-volume to pay-for-value…. [Read More]