This Flu Season’s Outbreak Is No Laughing Matter

Cropped shot of a sick businesswoman blowing her nose in the boardroom

I’ve had more clients than usual reach out to me for communications related to this year’s flu season and flu prevention tips. Why, you ask? Because this year’s influenza outbreak is widespread with hospitalizations occurring in 49 of 50 states. And it’s no longer just dangerous for children and those age 65+… Now employees age… [Read More]

ACA’s SBC: An Overlooked Gateway to Healthcare Literacy and Consumerism


I have reconsidered my unfavorable opinion of the ACA’s SBC document (Summary of Benefits and Coverage). The SBC is an imperfect document to be sure. While it may accomplish the ACA’s objective of creating a consistent format across carriers and plans, the SBC format lacks many of the characteristics of a well-designed communication. Most notably:… [Read More]

Strategic and Honest Communication: AOL Provides a Cautionary Tale


Tim Armstrong, AOL’s CEO, is not having a good month. But thanks to AOL, we have a cautionary tale on the value of strategically and honestly communicating with employees. Now, more than ever, employers find themselves in the difficult situation of cutting or changing employee benefits – just as AOL recently did when they made… [Read More]

Design to Communicate: Because We Don’t Know Who Needs What


Employees span the generations, from younger workers—the Millennials—to Baby Boomers. What does this mean for communication strategies for employee benefit plans? It’s true younger employees are unwilling to engage with a long or complex message. But…News Flash: Boomers are blowing these off too. People engage with a communication only to the extent they have a compelling personal reason to do so. No one (of any age) reads a 12-page open… [Read More]