Small Group Savior? Another Look at QSEHRAs

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Small employers are often looking for ways to break out of the community rated market and lower their health insurance costs, as I’ve witnessed firsthand and written about over the years. In more recent posts we’ve discussed reference-based pricing, PEOs and self-funding as methods small employers can use to potentially gain access to more favorable plan designs and rates. There’s… [Read More]

Take Advantage of Health Insurer Cherry Picking

Take Advantage of Health Insurer Cherry Picking

I frequently witness the frustration of small group employers over the inability to customize plan design or receive premiums that reflect the health of their employee population. Growing companies often look forward to hiring their 51st employee, the magical threshold where many state insurance laws allow rate negotiation and some plan design flexibility. Some states even… [Read More]

Small Groups Have Options – PEOs

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Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) are a potent weapon for small groups facing costly premiums, limited networks, very high deductibles and plans with no out-of-network benefits. The PEO is a business which takes over the human resource and benefits function from an employer. Instead of being forced into the community rated pool, the PEO aggregates small… [Read More]

Another Change to ACA: States Can Decide on Small Group Expansion

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Last night, President Obama signed into law the PACE Act. Passed by both the House and Senate with unanimous consent, this law repeals the mandated small group expansion from groups of up to 50 employees, to groups of up to 100 employees – which was to go in to effect on January 1, 2016. States… [Read More]

Ending Small Employer Stop Loss / Employer Self Insurance Just Hurts the Members in the End

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Under the Affordable Care Act, states are set to implement community rating of group health insurance plans for employers with fewer than 100 employees on January 1, 2016. Currently, community rating applies to groups with fewer than 50 employees. Americans will once again bear the brunt of reduced options for employer-sponsored health plans. This means… [Read More]