Warning – The Healthcare Status Quo Is at Risk

5-2-16 An Exciting Day in Washington

Whether the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was ever an effective way to combat the issues facing our healthcare system is arguable – but it is clear that our political process has not helped. The Commonwealth Fund recently reported that the uninsured rate for working-aged Americans (between 19 and 64) has increased from 12.7% in 2016 to… [Read More]

Dodging the Tax Reform Bullet

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There is a real retirement savings crisis brewing in this country. Many folks are simply not saving enough to pay all their expenses for 20 or more years in retirement. That is why it was alarming when some of the early proposals of the tax reform package that was recently passed included such disincentives to… [Read More]

The Biggest Issue in Healthcare Reform Today

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Now that the GOP’s plan to remake healthcare by fiat seems to be failing, the Trump administration has once again pulled out one of its aces in the hole. Funding of cost sharing subsidies is the biggest issue today in the debate, viewed by the health insurance industry as “the single most destabilizing factor in… [Read More]

Rate Shock Will Impact Small Businesses, Individuals

D-Day is coming for small groups and individuals. The release of the January 1, 2014, plans and rates will be an eye-opener for most Americans covered by these plans. In most states, rates for small groups and individuals are based on the age of the insured and health questions. Under PPACA, there will be no… [Read More]

Sequestration: A Threat to Funding for Affordable Care Act (ACA) Implementation, Administration and Enforcement?


After the Supreme Court upheld the majority of ACA and President Obama won re-election, the proponents of the law felt that all threats to its full implementation were finally squelched. It was full steam ahead for the implementation train. However, a process that many Americans have heard referred to over the past few months may… [Read More]

Planning for Spousal Coverage under PPACA


With HHS defining “dependents” as children (“individuals under age 26″), employers have been handed a subtle planning opportunity. As we have been advising, there will be very interesting coverage strategies that will crop up as these regulations unfold. The law requires that coverage be offered to “dependents,” but as with many aspects of ACA, substantive… [Read More]

A Toothless Mandate


The focus on ACA’s provision requiring individuals to maintain health insurance coverage in 2014 (aka “the individual mandate”) is escalating, with insurers leading the charge. In the final helter-skelter days when the legislation was being crafted, there was intense debate on the penalty portion of this mandate. The stark economic reality is that the penalty… [Read More]

HHS Provides Clarity to Non-Calendar Year Plans: 2014 Won’t Start in 2013


IRS and HHS have issued a dizzying stream of regulations, guidance and clarifications over the last couple of months that are having a real-time impact on our clients’ strategic planning. Just as many companies were forced to make critical decisions at the end of 2010— before grandfathering and nondiscrimination rules were fleshed out—2014 is generating… [Read More]

Healthcare and the Fiscal Cliff


I can’t recall a time when the spotlight shined so brightly on the legislative process nor a time when partisanship has been so acute. In the earliest hours of the New Year, our country’s leaders rescued our financial markets from the brink of crisis and, on the first trading day of the year, a rally… [Read More]

The Blog Before Christmas


‘Twas the week before Christmas, in all cyberspace Not a creature was blogging, except to retrace. The SBCs were queued on the printer with care In hopes that HHS would soon make things clear. The pundits were nestled all snug in their beds While visions of ACOs danced in their heads. As election results became… [Read More]