HSAs and Medicare – Like Oil and Water

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I see more and more employers offering high deductible health plans (HDHPs) every year. This type of plan can be tricky, but it’s increasingly popular in the quest to keep premium spend down as healthcare costs rise. We come across our fair share of questions and issues with HDHPs and health savings accounts (HSAs) at… [Read More]

Participation: Is It a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

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One of the central tenets of underwriting medical plans is to avoid adverse selection at all cost. Adverse selection results when a plan is designed or priced in such a way that it only adequately incentivizes sicker employees to enroll; failing to attract good risk to offset the bad. For this reason, most insurers historically… [Read More]

Can the American Retirement System Be Saved?


We all know the problem: most Americans are not saving enough for retirement. Gone are the days when a person worked for a company and retired with a generous pension. Also gone are the days when you could confidently rely on Social Security for a portion of your retirement income. Now it is up to each… [Read More]

Soak the Rich, But How?


There have been a number of trends that have accelerated in recent years in response to unmanageable cost increases and due to regulatory influence. One of the more prominent concepts—historically adopted only by the legal and financial services industries, but increasingly making its way into every board room conversation—is salary banding employee contributions. The idea… [Read More]