Preventive Care that Actually Saves Money… Dental

Toothbrush and toothpaste in the bathroom close up.

Over the last two decades, the healthcare industry has tied itself in knots in order to validate the business case behind preventive medical care. And although preventive care services offer a variety of benefits – social and humanitarian, for example – the data seems almost conclusive that economics is not quite one of them. Too… [Read More]

Anthem Gets Tough with Hospitals

Anthem Gets Tough with Hospitals2

One of the greatest frustrations our self-funded (and to a lesser extent, fully-insured) clients voice is that – despite the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars they pay the insurers to assist in managing their health plan spend – too often it appears the insurers are complicit in the rising healthcare spend by not… [Read More]

Mid-Market Employers Adopting Multi-Year Cost Management Strategies


More and more mid-market employers (those with 200 – 3000 employees) who previously had been only talking about employing a multi-year strategy to manage their health plan are beginning to implement these changes. This is a fundamental break for many who traditionally managed their plans year-to-year hoping for the best, and for their brokers to… [Read More]