2017 Kaiser Family Foundation Survey Results

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Kaiser has just published its 2017 annual benefits survey and I think the folks in Washington, D.C. all need a copy. Approximately half of the United States’ non-elderly population gets healthcare coverage through their employer, so this survey reveals what many Americans are experiencing. While employer coverage is far better, in many respects, than the coverage… [Read More]

Limiting the Employer Exclusion for Healthcare Is the Wrong Idea

Limiting the Employer Exclusion for Healthcare Is the Wrong Idea

The Republicans are looking everywhere for funds to fix healthcare, as well they should. This problem is not an easy one to solve, however. Under ACA, employers were faced with the Cadillac Tax and as a result they wasted no time in planning to mitigate the effect. While the Democrats seemed to believe that this… [Read More]

A Slow Death of the Cadillac Tax


One of the most controversial and ill-conceived portions of the ACA, the Cadillac Tax, is about to die a slow death. As written, the tax would have imposed a 40% levy on employer plans with annual premiums exceeding $10,200 for individuals and $27,500 for families commencing in 2018.  It was estimated that the tax would… [Read More]