Stop Loss Insurance… More Important Than Ever

Stop Loss Insurance... More Important Than Ever

With the increase in popularity of self-insurance, health plan sponsors must take the time to fully understand the “safety net” that is typically purchased alongside these plans to protect them from unexpected costs. There are two elements of stop loss: Individual (or Specific) Stop Loss (ISL) protects against the costs of any one claimant exceeding… [Read More]

Good News – the Stop Loss Market Is Vibrant

Good News – the Stop Loss Market Is Vibrant

Uncertainty and frustration abound in the healthcare market today, especially with all of the brewing legislative changes and tension over the market’s response. On the employer-sponsored plan side of things the challenge to improve affordability goes on as well – but you can only make so many plan design changes to keep up. High deductible… [Read More]

Telling It Like It Is

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During this electoral primary season, I find it interesting – but not remarkable – that our candidates rarely speak the truth about healthcare in the United States. Uttering the cold hard truth would be telling our populace what they really don’t want to hear. The fact is that the cost of healthcare in our country… [Read More]

It’s Time to Get Real About Medical Insurance Costs

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Intuit, the tax preparation software company, has said that three-fourths of filers who might be subject to the individual mandate were able to find an exemption in 2015.  It’s no surprise with the liberal policies put in place by regulators that this watered down threat provides little leverage to bring the healthiest Americans into the… [Read More]

Healthcare is Still Unaffordable

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The year-end budget deal presently in the works further signals that President Obama’s signature legislation is in turmoil. It is rumored that the Cadillac Tax and the medical device tax will be suspended for two years, and the health insurance tax will be lifted for one year in 2017. But reducing the revenue the government… [Read More]

End-of-Life – The Real Healthcare Crisis

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In order to contend with ever-escalating healthcare costs, Americans will need to come to grips with the cost of end-of-life care. Right now, it’s my reality. I am seeing first-hand rampant and seemingly uncontrollable costs of sustaining life in a system which lacks any semblance of common sense. My mother is 90 and other than… [Read More]

Is Healthcare Realigning the Deck Chairs on the Titanic?

Is Healthcare Realigning the Deck Chairs on the Titanic?

It has been widely rumored that the Kentucky based insurer, Humana, is ripe for a transaction. Fueling the speculation is Humana’s poor performance of their public exchange products, suppressing profitability in the past year. Coupled with their significant Medicare Advantage members, they become an attractive target for the remaining national players. Anthem would be the most… [Read More]

Healthcare Spending Growth Rate at Historic Low…At Least for Now


In an article published yesterday by CMS in the journal Health Affairs, it was reported that U.S. health spending—which is now at $2.9 trillion, or 17.4% of the economy—increased by 3.6% in 2013. That’s the lowest rate since 1960. Commercial health plan enrollment, which had shrunk by 11.2 million Americans due to the economic slowdown,… [Read More]

Healthcare Cost Pressure Lessened, but It’s Coming Back


The Kaiser Family Foundation has released its latest healthcare cost update. Average premium growth for family coverage is up only 3% over last year. However, as we know, real medical inflation is significantly higher.  How was this accomplished? Deductibles have been increased to an average of $1,217 for single coverage. And in reducing premiums, employers… [Read More]

Watch Out – Medicaid Expansion is Hitting Home


Medicaid expansion is just starting to hit home. CMS reported that in August Medicaid enrollment hit 67.9 million lives, an increase of 15% over the prior year. States which opted to implement the ACA’s Medicaid expansion with functioning exchanges showed the most significant increases: Kentucky 72.4%; Nevada 63.4%; Vermont 62.8% and Oregon 59.7%. These increases should… [Read More]