In New York State It May Be the Right Time to Outsource Your Leave Management Programs

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It’s a pretty big deal – New York State’s introduction of mandatory Paid Family Leave (PFL) coverage has made a mark on U.S. history and the state is now one of five in the country, plus the District of Columbia, to move ahead with these workers’ rights. Ironically, the United States – with all that it has… [Read More]

Death and Taxes, Well Sure…


Disability? That only happens to the other guy, right? How many times in your life have you been so lucky–the fender-bender that could have been a disaster, stepping off a curb as a taxi whizzed by! Well, consider those moments a cautionary prompt for the value of disability insurance. Here’s what I often tell clients: One… [Read More]

Aetna Leaders Predict Further Integration of Core and Voluntary Benefits


I have just spent a couple of days at the Aetna National Broker Advisory meeting, on which I have served for many years.  I always enjoy these meetings because they bring focus to market changes that are obvious to me, but may not be so clear to employers.  The voluntary products space represents this shift…. [Read More]