Trump Opts for a Baby Step in the Drug Cost War – Not the Expected Leap Forward

Also drug dealing, dealer or trade concept.

Last week President Trump released his long-awaited “American Patients First” blueprint on attacking out-of-control pharmacy costs. Unfortunately, it’s more of a whimper than a roar. If the regulations are effectively written to support my understanding of the President’s intent, the incremental steps forward were not horrible, they are just not bold enough. Drug manufacturers will have to… [Read More]

Are Drugs Cheaper Using Cash?

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This past weekend, a far-reaching exposé was published by the New York Times and ProPublica highlighting how, in many instances, individual members can save money paying cash when compared to using their insurance for their generic prescriptions. While this is not a new issue, the investigation reviewed the top one hundred prescribed medications, finding that 40% of the time… [Read More]

Insurers Digging Through the Numbers on Oncology Treatments

Insurers Digging Through The Numbers On Oncology Treatments

One of the most difficult issues we face as a society is the cost of care for people who are terminally ill. In fact, most of a person’s lifetime healthcare spend is incurred at the end of their lives. With the advent, and ongoing issue, of skyrocketing pharmaceutical costs insurers are looking closely at the… [Read More]

The New Media Focus Is Pharmacy – Can Regulators Keep Up?  How Should Employers Protect Themselves? 

Drug Cost  Specialty Pharmacy

Turing Pharmaceuticals – the vilified hedge fund-owned prescription drug peddler that increased the cost of their 62-year-old drug from $13.50 to $750 per tablet overnight – has raised new cries for the legislative involvement in pharmaceutical costs which I have been writing about for a while (see related posts here, here and here). A recent Reuters study… [Read More]

A Look at Specialty Pharmacy

Drug Cost  Specialty Pharmacy

It seems that every financial update meeting I attend focuses on spending for specialty pharmaceuticals. This is a frequent blog topic of mine because it is such a significant driver of healthcare cost trends. Recently, I reviewed a whitepaper on PCSK9 inhibitors. This is a new high-cost drug which, acting with statins (Crestor and Lipitor… [Read More]

Providers and Reimbursement: Continual Cost Changes Ahead


The healthcare industry is truly being shaken at its roots. I attended a New York Broker Advisory Council meeting with Empire BCBS the other day. I knew that hospital consolidation was happening, but I was really surprised to hear that there were 14 hospital realignments in the past year in the New York City market…. [Read More]