Get on Top of Nondiscrimination Testing

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It’s that time of year… No, not Halloween, but even scarier – nondiscrimination testing time! While there are different schools of thought on when to test your cafeteria plans, the bottom line is the IRS requires that your plans have passed all testing by the last day of the plan year. Many employers wait until final… [Read More]

ACA Impacts Flexible Spending Accounts

Prescription Drug Cost

For plan years on or after 1/1/2015, plan sponsors need to be mindful of new rules which impact health FSAs (HFSA).  In order for an HFSA to meet the definition of excepted benefits (and therefore not be subject to ACA’s market reforms requiring unlimited benefits) these plans need to meet two conditions: 1) only individuals… [Read More]

Watch Out for System Upgrades: They Can Cost You!


Are you—like a lot of people—wary when the “Upgrade Ready” message flashes on your computer—remembering installs that resulted in unanticipated complications? Take that to the healthcare system… This year, a multibillion-dollar life and health insurer upgraded its billing and eligibility system for its insured group dental insurance policyholders. The upgrade was supposed to be transparent… [Read More]