Politics and Healthcare – Nothing Is Easy

Pink cherry blossom and magnolia trees blooming at the White House in Washington, DC during the springtime

I had the pleasure of spending the day on Tuesday in Washington to discuss my favorite legislative topic – healthcare. First stop, the White House, where I met with the Special Assistant to the President for Health Policy. This was a lively discussion which covered rising drug prices, the opioid crisis, mental health parity and… [Read More]

1094/1095 Reporting is Getting Legislative Attention


Before its summer recess last week, a bill was introduced to the Senate that would impact the employer healthcare coverage reporting which is scheduled to start this year. The bill, which is a companion to a similar House bill, has bipartisan support. Patterned after other ACA actions, the legislation would delay mandatory reporting requirements and… [Read More]

An Administrative Nightmare


It has only been about 70 years that employers have been collecting and reporting their employees’ payroll tax. The Tax Payment Act of 1943 made “collection at source”, or an employer’s requirement to manage its employees’ income taxes, the law of the land. However, it wasn’t the first time the government tried to install the… [Read More]

Employer Mandate is Here…Now What?


The ball has dropped. The long-awaited employer mandate is here and the individual mandate is entering its second enrollment cycle. As I discuss ACA with clients and prospects I realize that there is a lot of confusion about what happens next. One big question is, “How will all of this be enforced?” In 2016, employers… [Read More]