The Softening and Widening Stop Loss Market

Vintage processing of an open for business sign in small town America.

For the last several years, we’ve highlighted the dramatic market trend of employers adopting self-funding and the rationale supporting the move. As premium dollars have left the insured medical market, lots of those dollars have moved to the reinsurance markets with employers offloading the tail risk associated with their self-funded arrangements. Meeting the demand have… [Read More]

Student Loan Debt Repayment Benefits

Student Loan Debt Repayment Benefits

It would be nice if employers could set up a standardized benefit package that appealed to all employees across all demographics – but the reality is that one size doesn’t fit all. These days, many older employees are delaying retirement and there’s a strong influx of talented young employees entering the workforce. Employers are increasingly… [Read More]

Reviewing Contracts: An Essential Part of Health Plan Management

Reviewing Contracts An Essential Part of Health Plan Management

And you thought it was tough to decide on plan design, communication strategy and contributions for your medical benefits plan… Once the crush of implementation begins, the plan documents will start coming to your inbox and it’s critically important that you understand them completely. The obvious first steps would be to check the principal plan… [Read More]

Anthem Gets Tough with Hospitals

Anthem Gets Tough with Hospitals2

One of the greatest frustrations our self-funded (and to a lesser extent, fully-insured) clients voice is that – despite the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars they pay the insurers to assist in managing their health plan spend – too often it appears the insurers are complicit in the rising healthcare spend by not… [Read More]

The “Sitting Disease” is Killing Your Employees

The Sitting Disease is Killing Your Employees

As I deposit a check through an app on my phone (for my bank that’s less than 6 blocks from my apartment) I realize just how easy humans have it nowadays. In an age of convenience we’re more sedentary than ever. The average office worker sits for around 10 hours each day – moving from… [Read More]

Severance: Too Much of a Good Thing

Severance- No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

UPDATE: Administrative practices of HHS appear to have recently changed and now may allow for a special enrollment on the exchanges if the employer COBRA subsidy ceases, forcing the participant to pay the full COBRA cost. However, New York State’s Marketplace informed Frenkel that they will only consider that to be the case if the… [Read More]

Have You Reviewed Your Statutory Disability Plan?


Employers do not often put much thought into their statutory Short Term Disability (STD) plans. For employees working in New York & New Jersey, HR professionals allow the state to implement state STD plans to meet statutory requirements and do not conduct any additional due diligence. While this approach may satisfy statutory requirements, I think there are… [Read More]

Bring It All Together: Bundling Life, Disability and Medical


When I sit down with a new client and ask which carriers they partner with for Life, Accident, Short Term Disability (STD) and Long Term Disability (LTD), the response that I hear the most is a lack of cohesive strategy; a few different insurance carriers administering different combinations of coverage. This means that coverages are disconnected… [Read More]

ACA’s SBC: An Overlooked Gateway to Healthcare Literacy and Consumerism


I have reconsidered my unfavorable opinion of the ACA’s SBC document (Summary of Benefits and Coverage). The SBC is an imperfect document to be sure. While it may accomplish the ACA’s objective of creating a consistent format across carriers and plans, the SBC format lacks many of the characteristics of a well-designed communication. Most notably:… [Read More]