The CREATES Act – Stepping Closer to Drug Pricing Justice?

A blank doctor's prescription from a pharmacy is placed on American flag.

I don’t know about you, but the headlines on pharmaceutical companies substantially raising prices over a short period of time (without good reason) appear far too often for my taste – and we write about drug pricing issues frequently on this blog. But a quieter game of drug company manipulation has been taking place at… [Read More]

“Right to Try” Is Compassionate Legislation, but Does It Make Sense?

research drug at science lab

President Trump signed the Right to Try Act yesterday, which cleared the House in late May, having been approved by the Senate in 2017. This legislation gives terminally ill patients the ability to access experimental drugs which have passed Phase 1 of the FDA approval process but are not yet officially approved. It is interesting to… [Read More]

Antibacterial Soap? Pass.


I used to be a germophobe. I still am one in certain contexts (e.g., the subway), but I’d argue that that’s more about common sense (no, I don’t want to touch a pole that someone just clasped with their phlegm-coated palms) than an irrational fear. A lot of people are “germophobic,” and you can see… [Read More]