Student Loan Debt Repayment Benefits

Student Loan Debt Repayment Benefits

It would be nice if employers could set up a standardized benefit package that appealed to all employees across all demographics – but the reality is that one size doesn’t fit all. These days, many older employees are delaying retirement and there’s a strong influx of talented young employees entering the workforce. Employers are increasingly… [Read More]

#TheSelfieGeneration: America’s Largest Workforce

TheSelfieGeneration America s Largest Workforce

As a millennial myself, I’m aware of the stereotypes placed on my generation all too well – we’re impatient, entitled, insecure and self-absorbed. We tend to be overly ambitious to move up in our careers (even if it means job hopping in search of a more meaningful position). We seek validation and expect “participation trophies”… [Read More]

You Pay When Your Employees Worry about Money

Money coming out of jar

With all the emphasis on healthcare over the past several years, many companies have overlooked another important issue: money. Financial stress is one of the biggest distractions to employees. The time employees spend worrying about money and dealing with personal financial issues costs American businesses billions of dollars every year in lost productivity. And it… [Read More]

Want to Get Your Wellness Program Out of Its Rut?


For years, middle market clients resisted wellness. Now these programs are taking center stage with many of our clients, so the challenge is how to keep employees interested and prevent participation decline. When designing successive-year programs, we’ve found that building links between wellness initiatives and current trends can spur employee participation and spark a new… [Read More]