Zombie Apocalypse: Health Insurer’s Tax

Zombie Apocalypse Health Insurers Tax

In 2014, fully-insured employer plans were greeted with a nasty surprise – the Health Insurance Providers Fee. The insured’s already massive healthcare costs were being further inflated 1.5–2% due to the new tax congress levied on insurers, which was based upon each carrier’s market share in the health insurance market. Of course that $8 billion… [Read More]

This Chart May Be the Laws Unraveling


After seven years of partisan bickering, arguments, and counterarguments about the ACA’s successes (dramatically reducing the uninsured rate) and failures (lack of competitiveness, high costs), there is one chart that holds the greatest influence over the future of the ACA. The chart has been published by the polling firm, Gallup, over the last five years,… [Read More]

Employers Outsmart the Government

Emplpyrs Outsmart the Government

Last week, the U.S. Census released new data on the prevalence of employers offering health coverage and the employee take-up rate of the coverage being offered. The data is particularly relevant as it is the largest data set in which we can observe employers’ behavior in 2015, the first year employers were bound by the ACA… [Read More]