Message Heard – Pharmacy Costs are in the Spotlight

Rx Prescription #2

No doubt the health insurance carriers are getting the message: pharmacy costs are too high, and pricing is not transparent. UnitedHealthcare has announced that they will begin passing rebates directly to retail purchasers at the point of purchase. Pharmacy rebates – which are usually shared between the pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) and the health insurer… [Read More]

Can You Believe What Happened to Me at the Pharmacy?

pharmacy counter with blur shelves of drug in the pharmacy drugstore background

This is going to be a rant blog. I happen to know that a lot of people from Aetna (which is my insurer) read this. But, it really doesn’t matter whether it’s Aetna or another medical insurer – they all have the same issues. Thankfully I am reasonably healthy. As with most people, my most frequent encounter with the… [Read More]

House Calls: An Insurer’s New Tool in Managing Risk


If you delay a follow-up visit to your doctor, would you be surprised to get a call from your insurer offering an in-home exam? This is not so far off. In the past, it may have been possible to get away with skipping a doctor visit or failing to renew prescriptions with little more than… [Read More]

Health Insurer Merger Mania

Health Insurer Merger Mania

It’s official – Anthem, the Blue Cross franchise aggregator, will be acquiring Cigna for $54 billion, which would make them the largest health insurer. Earlier this month, Aetna Inc. agreed to buy Humana Inc. for $37 billion, and Centene Corp. announced it would acquire Health Net Inc. for $6.3 billion. My father used to say,… [Read More]

Is Healthcare Realigning the Deck Chairs on the Titanic?

Is Healthcare Realigning the Deck Chairs on the Titanic?

It has been widely rumored that the Kentucky based insurer, Humana, is ripe for a transaction. Fueling the speculation is Humana’s poor performance of their public exchange products, suppressing profitability in the past year. Coupled with their significant Medicare Advantage members, they become an attractive target for the remaining national players. Anthem would be the most… [Read More]