Is Disaster Brewing in New York’s Small Group Market?

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The United Hospital Fund (UHF) just issued a comprehensive study of patterns in the New York State small group market and they don’t look good. From 2007 to 2016 enrollment shrank by 600,000 members, to 1.1 million. Rates were 35% higher than the national average. This, despite New York being one of the very few states to increase… [Read More]

Out With the New and in With the Old

Health Insurance Changes

After last year’s collapse of the New York health insurance co-op, Health Republic, the depleted health insurance market for employers with less than 100 employees can expect the return of an old player: Blue Cross Blue Shield. But this old player is changing up tactics a bit. Operating as Empire BCBS in NY, this insurer… [Read More]

Politics and Healthcare

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In the shadow of the failure of federally sponsored co-op: Health Republic, New York hospitals and other providers are lobbying hard for a healthcare guaranty fund to indemnify them against failures by other insurers. A common theme in this blog (see related posts here, here and here) is that the governmental role in healthcare should… [Read More]

Learning from the Failure of Health Republic

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On Wednesday, in my role as the legislative chair for the New York State Association of Health Underwriters (NYSAHU), I was invited to participate in a roundtable discussion which included the members of the NYS Senate Standing Health and Insurance Committees chaired by Senators Hannon and Seward, the head NYS regulator, the head of the… [Read More]

Health Republic Fallout

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The fallout from the failure of Health Republic is starting. MagnaCare, the network with which Health Republic arranged access for its members, will no longer process claims for Health Republic customers. POMCO, the Health Republic third-party administrator, fired 50 claims processing employees in Syracuse. And I am hearing on the street that providers, concerned about… [Read More]

Health Republic’s Buyer Beware Warning for OE Season


Sunday marked the beginning of the annual open enrollment (OE) period for anyone seeking coverage under an individual health insurance policy. We’re now on year three of the ACA’s insurance marketplace open enrollment which means we’ve had some time to see how things have played out. Well – buyer beware. What more than 200,000 individuals… [Read More]

As Expected, Another Co-op Collapse – What Health Republic’s Fate Says about Government Involvement in Healthcare


Another health co-op has failed. Health Republic of New York becomes the fourth nonprofit startup created under the ACA to meet the unsurprising fate of a forced shutdown following massive losses. I previously wrote about the shaky outlook that co-ops were facing when CoOportunity Health collapsed in Iowa and Nebraska earlier this year. While the… [Read More]