Can You Believe What Happened to Me at the Pharmacy?

pharmacy counter with blur shelves of drug in the pharmacy drugstore background

This is going to be a rant blog. I happen to know that a lot of people from Aetna (which is my insurer) read this. But, it really doesn’t matter whether it’s Aetna or another medical insurer – they all have the same issues. Thankfully I am reasonably healthy. As with most people, my most frequent encounter with the… [Read More]

A Call to End Drug Rebates

Drug Cost  Specialty Pharmacy

Healthcare can be transformative and the ability to extend and improve life continues to rapidly roll in. But while medical advances are explosive, our creative skills in controlling costs proceed at a snail’s pace. I realize that change is hard, but it boggles my mind that we can’t take simple steps to reduce cost trends. Regulating drug… [Read More]

Insurers Digging Through the Numbers on Oncology Treatments

Insurers Digging Through The Numbers On Oncology Treatments

One of the most difficult issues we face as a society is the cost of care for people who are terminally ill. In fact, most of a person’s lifetime healthcare spend is incurred at the end of their lives. With the advent, and ongoing issue, of skyrocketing pharmaceutical costs insurers are looking closely at the… [Read More]

Watch Out for the Unintended Consequences of Washington Shenanigans


Once again President Trump is threatening to drop the Obama administration’s appeal of the Federal Circuit Court ruling that would disallow funding for cost-sharing subsidies for low-income Americans. These subsidies amount to about $7 billion a year and would affect about 7 million members who obtained coverage on the individual market. As a result, this is… [Read More]

Millennials are the Key to Healthcare

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When I became an “adult”, one of the first things I thought about was healthcare. That was the way you did things. But today’s new “adults” aren’t wired that way. Healthcare just isn’t top of mind to millennials. They don’t understand it and they don’t think they need it. They don’t want to go to… [Read More]

Global Healthcare Update

Global Healthcare Update 5-19 blog post

Our clients’ businesses increasingly include globally-based employees.  The world is flat and businesses operate in the most fertile environments they can find.  Recognizing this need, Frenkel belongs to several global benefit networks: Assurex Global, IBN (International Benefits Network), and GBN Worldwide. These organizations provide us with worldwide benefit capabilities. I recently returned from the International… [Read More]

Examining Multi-Tiered Networks to Minimize Premiums and Foster Consumerism

Examining Multi-Tiered Networks

As health insurance premiums, copays and deductibles become unbearable, we’re often faced with clients who feel completely out of options during renewal conversations. They don’t want to switch carriers, but are out of levers to pull in order to control costs. Now we’re seeing carriers step in with an interesting solution: multi-tiered networks that align… [Read More]

Millennial Shopping: Browsing > Splurging

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I’m a millennial, and my generation currently comprises over a third of the U.S. workforce. At 53 million, we’re a population that deserves some degree of attention because both our numbers and spheres of influence are growing, and quickly, might I add. My peers and I are often found tethered to our smartphones. We do… [Read More]

Medicare: Helping Change the Way Healthcare is Delivered

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Recently, CMS announced that it is beginning a pilot program for a new payment model for primary care Medicare doctors. The government is going to lead the way in the shift from pay-for-services to pay-for-performance with a five year pilot which will include 20,000 physicians and 25 million patients. Under the voluntary program, physicians who… [Read More]

Telling It Like It Is

Flag and Stethoscope

During this electoral primary season, I find it interesting – but not remarkable – that our candidates rarely speak the truth about healthcare in the United States. Uttering the cold hard truth would be telling our populace what they really don’t want to hear. The fact is that the cost of healthcare in our country… [Read More]