Another Blow to the Healthcare Exchanges as CareConnect Shutters

No Easy Answers Another Blow to Healthcare as CareConnect Shutters

CareConnect, the upstart insurance company founded in 2014 by Northwell Health in the Downstate New York marketplace, has made the decision to cease operations. It made a lot of sense that Northwell, a hospital chain with extensive provider connections, could cut out the middleman insurance company and offer insurance protection directly to its customers. It didn’t… [Read More]

What We Can Expect From Trump on Healthcare

Reshaping Healthcare in the United States

Maybe this won’t be so bad. I think I have him figured out. Donald Trump seems to operate like the mob. On every issue he comes out of the gate with guns (and Twitter) blazing. This evokes fear and intimidation of foes and even allies – and sets the stage for a more moderate compromise…. [Read More]

Making American Healthcare Great Again


The GOP, with the leadership and guidance of President-elect Trump, are going to have their hands full fixing healthcare. Similar to the Democrats in 2010, they will have a great opportunity with limited roadblocks (other than the need for a supermajority in the Senate). With this opportunity comes the responsibility to get it right. I would… [Read More]

Trumpcare is the Future

Flag and Stethoscope

In a stunning rebuke to the political establishment, Donald Trump will now set the healthcare agenda. Although certainly not the sole driver for victory, the ill-timed, eye-popping health insurance cost increases on the exchanges slated for 2017 did not help the Democrats. I bet the Democrats wished they followed this blog since to me, the timing of… [Read More]

Millennials are the Key to Healthcare

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When I became an “adult”, one of the first things I thought about was healthcare. That was the way you did things. But today’s new “adults” aren’t wired that way. Healthcare just isn’t top of mind to millennials. They don’t understand it and they don’t think they need it. They don’t want to go to… [Read More]

Is “Medicaid-for-All” Possible?


The ACA exchange rates continue to increase as we witness Nebraska up 35%, Connecticut up almost 25%, and Florida seeing a 19% rise in costs. And now, researchers are showing that these higher costs will change the risk profile on the exchanges. A recent study by the Society of Actuaries reported that average risk scores… [Read More]

Why “Experts” Were Wrong About Employers Dropping Coverage

Reshaping Healthcare in the United States

Last month the CBO released its most updated estimates for employers offering health insurance coverage. To the surprise of many “policy experts” including the likes of Ezekiel Emmanuel and the McKinsey & Company, each of whom anticipated massive declines, approximately 155 million Americans continue to receive coverage through their employers. In fact, the CBO itself… [Read More]

The Affordable Care Act Scorecard


The 2016 enrollment has been heralded as a success by many, and no doubt, we have seen coverage expansion under the Affordable Care Act. But – and there are some pretty significant buts – 2014 enrollment was 9.3 million with 9 million enrolled in Medicaid. 2015 enrollment increased to 11.9 million; however, as of… [Read More]

More Bad News for the Individual Exchanges

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In what came as no surprise to the insurance world, Aetna announced it is losing money in its individual exchange business. This comes on the heels of both UnitedHealthcare and Anthem Blue Cross announcing they had lost money in this segment. As we have chronicled in the past, the exchanges are enrolling fewer people than… [Read More]

New York to Allow Pregnancy as a Qualifying Event

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The realities of adverse selection are starting to show through as many state exchange filings are requesting double digit increases for insurance plans on the healthcare exchanges. In fact, silver plans, which are the most prevalent (accounting for two thirds of 2015 purchases), would increase 14% in the unlikely event that rates are accepted as… [Read More]