In Healthcare, the Art of the Deal is Not So Artful

In Healthcare, the Art of the Deal is Not So Artful

The Washington shenanigans continue as President Trump holds out the specter of supporting the bipartisan Alexander-Murray Senate bill which attempts to shore up the Affordable Care Act and set up a reinsurance fund for large claims. The president has also promised to back off his threat to cut off funding of cost-sharing subsidies. All this… [Read More]

What Repeal of the Individual Mandate Would Mean to Americans


The Republicans are at it again. The latest negotiations in the Senate on their tax bill have led them back to a proposal to eliminate the individual mandate under the Affordable Care Act. The lure of more than $300 billion in tax savings as calculated by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is too big a number… [Read More]

New York to Allow Pregnancy as a Qualifying Event

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The realities of adverse selection are starting to show through as many state exchange filings are requesting double digit increases for insurance plans on the healthcare exchanges. In fact, silver plans, which are the most prevalent (accounting for two thirds of 2015 purchases), would increase 14% in the unlikely event that rates are accepted as… [Read More]