A Look at 2018 Healthcare Issues

Illustration of 2018 greeting for new year celebration with heartbeat design

Price Waterhouse’s Health Research Institute released their 2018 Top Health Industry Issues report. 2017 was quite a year for healthcare as the industry tried to address controlling healthcare costs in light of the failure of legislative reform along with natural disasters, opioid abuse and cyber security – and all of those issues continue. With the inability… [Read More]

And You Thought There Was Nothing New in Healthcare? Shifting from “Volume” to “Value”

And You Thought There Was Nothing New in Healthcare

High deductible plans are running their course. Wellness, while useful, isn’t delivering immediate savings. Many of our clients are wondering what “the next big thing” is in healthcare delivery. Alongside the rising trend of healthcare consumerism, Accountable Care Organizations and the buzz of private exchanges stormed into the healthcare delivery conversation. We’re now starting to… [Read More]

Health Savings Accounts – the Tax Advantage Triple Threat

Health Savings Accounts – the Tax Advantage Triple Threat

As Tax Day comes and goes every year, it makes me think of the money I owe Uncle Sam and if I did everything I could to reduce my taxable income, like take advantage of any pre-tax benefit options available to me through my employer-sponsored programs. Did you know that Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) can… [Read More]

Future is Now: Healthcare Delivery Systems

Future is Now Healthcare Delivery Systems

Two years ago I was out to lunch with a well-regarded industry colleague and I asked him his thoughts on the next cost mitigation “silver bullet” for employers who had already adopted high deductible plans. His answer was provider-directed initiatives like bundled payments and value-based contracting. That future is now here and innovators in the… [Read More]

The Advantages of an HDHP/HSA – Truly Understood or Not?

The Advantages of an HDHPHSA – Truly Understood or Not

In an effort to drive down the cost of health plan offerings, employers are pairing High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) with Health Savings Accounts (HSA). It makes financial sense for employers since premiums are generally much lower than that of an HMO/EPO plan or a POS/PPO plan. This is partly due to the reduced financial… [Read More]

What Will Trumpcare Mean for Employers?


Post-election, I have met with dozens of employers and the number one question on their mind is: what will the new administration do to our healthcare strategy and what steps do I take to correctly position my employee benefit program? The short answer is to stay the course. Except for those employers offering Minimum Essential… [Read More]

BigLaw Benefit Trends Emerge


Representing over two dozen Am Law200 firms, Frenkel periodically reviews the latest benefit trends arising in the legal market. Nearly two years since our last legal industry review, we have once again surveyed the market and uncovered a handful of key emerging trends ushering in the 2017 open enrollment period with several highlights summarized below:… [Read More]

Filling the High Deductible Gap with Critical Illness


Many employers are adopting or considering High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) to help control skyrocketing healthcare costs. The biggest concern of employers with these plans is that they leave their employees exposed to higher financial risk. If a major health issue strikes, many households have insufficient savings available to pay for the higher out-of-pocket expenses…. [Read More]