Putting Consumer-Driven Health Plan Adoption on the Fast Track

Putting Consumer-Driven Health Plan Adoption on the Fast Track

With rising costs in the group-based market, trends in health plan design stay pointed at plans with member responsibility. So now, more than ever, employers should be concerned over the effectiveness of their employee benefit communications. Think your company is doing a great job? The 2017 Alegeus Broker and Employer Research Report finds employers are… [Read More]

Online Enrollment – More Than Just Simplifying Administration

Online Enrollment—More Than Just Simplifying Administration 

Enrollment and reporting are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the features and functions of online enrollment platforms. Technology is playing a huge role in communicating benefits information to employees outside of the open enrollment period and enrollment platforms can really maximize your communications efforts, pushing out education to employees and… [Read More]

Consumer-Driven Plan Enrollment Still Elusive in the Middle-Market

Consumer-Driven Plan Enrollment Still Elusive

High-deductible plan enrollment continues to grow across the country, but the enrollment is coming from the small group and exchange arena where most other traditional products have all but evaporated. National account segment customers have historically had an aggressive total replacement strategy toward these plans and make up a disproportionate percentage of the total enrollment. So… [Read More]