Why HR Should Care About User Experience

Portrait of a young adult male sat using his laptop in a modern office. Bangkok, Thailand. April 2017

You know that feeling – when you’re pulling your hair out over what should be a simple task on your computer or mobile device? It’s rare to go through the day without some kind of technological interaction, and when the tech doesn’t work or it’s not easy to navigate, we eventually wash our hands of… [Read More]

Don’t Whack the Tobacco Differential Messenger!

Boss and Business game

It’s open enrollment season at Frenkel Benefits and, like clockwork, at least one of our client account managers calls me in to work closely with their client on implementing or updating a tobacco differential in their medical plan. It’s a somewhat tricky thing to do, so I’m happy to help. However, inevitably – when we… [Read More]

Online Enrollment – What are You Waiting For?


It is time to go paperless and hold employees responsible for their own benefits enrollment. They are adults aren’t they? It protects their personal information and ties into the new era of consumerism. HR and benefit professionals have long taken the blame for late ID cards, missing dependents and incorrect deductions, when it is often… [Read More]