Paid Family Leave – Helping or Hurting Employers?

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HR teams across the country are dreading the compliance challenges associated with paid leave benefits as they become effective in certain areas across the nation. As we’ve mentioned before, there is limited national job protection for workers needing family leave. In fact, the U.S., with no mandate for paid leave, is in last place among… [Read More]

Have You Reviewed Your Statutory Disability Plan?


Employers do not often put much thought into their statutory Short Term Disability (STD) plans. For employees working in New York & New Jersey, HR professionals allow the state to implement state STD plans to meet statutory requirements and do not conduct any additional due diligence. While this approach may satisfy statutory requirements, I think there are… [Read More]

Technology Can’t Replace Valuable Advice

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Benefits administration, human resources and payroll are areas that often require specialized skills. That’s why many companies employ experts in each area and work to integrate their knowledge into company policy and decision making. But for HR executives at smaller companies, they are often tasked with handling all of these areas regardless of their experience… [Read More]

Small Groups Have Options – PEOs

Calculating Healthcare Cost

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) are a potent weapon for small groups facing costly premiums, limited networks, very high deductibles and plans with no out-of-network benefits. The PEO is a business which takes over the human resource and benefits function from an employer. Instead of being forced into the community rated pool, the PEO aggregates small… [Read More]