2017 Kaiser Family Foundation Survey Results

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Kaiser has just published its 2017 annual benefits survey and I think the folks in Washington, D.C. all need a copy. Approximately half of the United States’ non-elderly population gets healthcare coverage through their employer, so this survey reveals what many Americans are experiencing. While employer coverage is far better, in many respects, than the coverage… [Read More]

Golden Years for Retiree Benefits

Golden Years for Retiree Benefits

It’s been two decades since employers began eliminating retiree healthcare benefits en masse. But new developments are causing the cresting of another wave out of the retiree ocean. In the mid 90s, as a response to newly published accounting standards (FASB 106) – which required employers to recognize the present value liability of future retiree… [Read More]

Healthcare for Retirees

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Retiree healthcare costs have taken a back seat to the escalation of costs for active employees. And though a 2015 report from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows 23% of employers with at least 200 employees offered retiree healthcare coverage (down from 32% in 2005 and 66% in 1988), my sense is that these costs have… [Read More]

Healthcare Cost Pressure Lessened, but It’s Coming Back


The Kaiser Family Foundation has released its latest healthcare cost update. Average premium growth for family coverage is up only 3% over last year. However, as we know, real medical inflation is significantly higher.  How was this accomplished? Deductibles have been increased to an average of $1,217 for single coverage. And in reducing premiums, employers… [Read More]