Employee Eldercare Assistance – Not a Bad Idea

Employee Eldercare Assistance – Not a Bad Idea

Long Term Care (LTC) insurance was a pretty good solution to pay for costly end-stage assistance and many carriers jumped onto the product bandwagon. These products were priced at a level cost, based upon the attained age of the insured at the time the coverage was purchased. And for someone in their 50s or 60s,… [Read More]

A Chronic Problem

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Some years ago, a small change to the tax code was enacted which broadened the scope of what life insurance benefits could cover. The innovation of this marketplace has given rise to various Long Term Care (LTC) riders which can now be included in a life insurance policy. However, there is a grey-area for this… [Read More]

Underinsured for Life Insurance – Employers Can Fill the Gap

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Time and time again, Americans are left unaware of a significant exposure in their overall financial state. Most calculate and pay basic bills, and they feel assured that they have health insurance – this is all well and good, but what happens in the event of a death? The average American worker is under-serviced by… [Read More]

Overweight with Regulations – MetLife’s Looming Split Signals for Mergers

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Last week, MetLife made an announcement that surely knocked Woodstock off his perch on Snoopy’s doghouse. And it probably has many MetLife life insurance policyholders questioning the future stewardship of their policy. The carrier stated that plans are under consideration for the sale or spinoff of their individual life insurance business. When buying a policy that… [Read More]

What Happens If You Live Too Long? Longevity Annuities Are the New Tool in Long-Term Planning

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When my New York Mets were playing the Chicago Cubs for the National League pennant last month, I was reminded every day that the Cubs were predicted to win the World Series in 2015 according to Back to the Future. Coincidentally, I started my career 30 years ago by advising clients on how to pay… [Read More]

Beyond the Obvious Policy: Creating a Financial Advantage through Life Insurance

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This month is the 12th anniversary of the industry advocacy campaign known as Life Insurance Awareness Month. There are plenty of good reasons to have a life insurance policy in place – and many employers and employees likely already know, and understand, these. But while many recognize the value of life insurance, I’ve seen many… [Read More]

Bring It All Together: Bundling Life, Disability and Medical


When I sit down with a new client and ask which carriers they partner with for Life, Accident, Short Term Disability (STD) and Long Term Disability (LTD), the response that I hear the most is a lack of cohesive strategy; a few different insurance carriers administering different combinations of coverage. This means that coverages are disconnected… [Read More]

Life Insurance Jumps on the Wellness Bandwagon

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If you have employer-provided health insurance, there’s a strong likelihood that some type of wellness program is offered alongside it – have you had your servings of fruits and veggies today? 2015 may wind up being known as the year of the crossover – John Hancock Life Insurance Company has jumped fully into wellness, applying… [Read More]

I Need Coverage Now!

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The landscape in which I advise clients is navigated by means of medical and financial underwriting.  Carriers assess the mortality or morbidity risk (sometimes both) of each client on an individual basis.  This typically involves the submission of a medical exam as well as relevant records obtained from any physicians consulted.  The underwriters will also… [Read More]

When More Income is the Outcome


For many years, we have been living in the era of low interest rates. While this environment has consequences for all of us, retirees and their advisors are particularly feeling the impact. Projections and assumptions that many pre-retirees incorporated into their planning have been ratcheted down as rates declined and remained low. Many Americans are… [Read More]