ACA Penalties Are About to Hit Employers

ACA Penalties Are About to Hit Employers

Reach way back into your memory bank to the time when your broker presented you with a “pay or play” analysis to determine whether you comply with the employer mandate under the Affordable Care Act. There was the $2,000 penalty which applies to every full-time employee in the event there was no valid offer of… [Read More]

What Will Trumpcare Mean for Employers?


Post-election, I have met with dozens of employers and the number one question on their mind is: what will the new administration do to our healthcare strategy and what steps do I take to correctly position my employee benefit program? The short answer is to stay the course. Except for those employers offering Minimum Essential… [Read More]

Employers Aggressively Pursuing “Skinny” Plans to Meet ACA Requirement


Designing “skinny plans” will get high marks for creativity. These “skinny plans” or “MEC plans” cater to a liberal interpretation of meeting ACA’s Minimum Essential Coverage requirement, leading employers, particularly with large hourly workforces, to aggressively pursue them. Skinny plans cover the ACA’s required essential preventive care services, comprising 15 covered preventive services for adults (22 for women, including pregnant women) and 26 for… [Read More]