Politics and Healthcare – Nothing Is Easy

Pink cherry blossom and magnolia trees blooming at the White House in Washington, DC during the springtime

I had the pleasure of spending the day on Tuesday in Washington to discuss my favorite legislative topic – healthcare. First stop, the White House, where I met with the Special Assistant to the President for Health Policy. This was a lively discussion which covered rising drug prices, the opioid crisis, mental health parity and… [Read More]

Will the Cadillac Tax Change the Pay or Play Dynamic?


Last week, I spent a very long day in Washington DC with the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) Principals Council talking about the ACA Excise (formerly “Cadillac”) Tax. Yes, this too, has been relabeled because the tax, as it is drafted, will be touching a lot more than the very richest plans that were… [Read More]

When Lobbying Isn’t


There is so much press about the negatives of lobbying Congress. And I must admit, I also believe that the special interests and legislative preferences for large campaign contributors are a scar on our otherwise fairly good (in a worldwide perspective) political system. However, as I pack my bags for Washington, I recognize that I… [Read More]