Anthem Gets Tough with Hospitals

Anthem Gets Tough with Hospitals2

One of the greatest frustrations our self-funded (and to a lesser extent, fully-insured) clients voice is that – despite the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars they pay the insurers to assist in managing their health plan spend – too often it appears the insurers are complicit in the rising healthcare spend by not… [Read More]

Future is Now: Healthcare Delivery Systems

Future is Now Healthcare Delivery Systems

Two years ago I was out to lunch with a well-regarded industry colleague and I asked him his thoughts on the next cost mitigation “silver bullet” for employers who had already adopted high deductible plans. His answer was provider-directed initiatives like bundled payments and value-based contracting. That future is now here and innovators in the… [Read More]

Healthcare Realities Hit Harvard University


You have to be pretty smart to understand healthcare. Ask the faculty at Harvard. They were generally strong advocates for the Affordable Care Act during the initial debate – after all, healthcare should be a right and not a privilege. We are a rich nation and progressive, means-based cost-sharing seems only fair. Wealthier Americans should… [Read More]

Healthcare Change Isn’t Easy


When I started in business healthcare was easy – deductible, coinsurance…you didn’t really think about cost, you just got care. Doctors belonged to country clubs. Everybody was happy. Then eyebrows began to raise about costs and MONEY CHANGES EVERYTHING. I think it started with the auto crisis when economists assessed the added cost to each… [Read More]