Is Disaster Brewing in New York’s Small Group Market?

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The United Hospital Fund (UHF) just issued a comprehensive study of patterns in the New York State small group market and they don’t look good. From 2007 to 2016 enrollment shrank by 600,000 members, to 1.1 million. Rates were 35% higher than the national average. This, despite New York being one of the very few states to increase… [Read More]

Where’s the Affordability – The New York Governor’s Budget Bill is Not Helping


The annual New York Governor’s budget bill is usually a pretty good mix of political jockeying and reality; this year, once again, healthcare is part of the reality. Governor Cuomo is requesting a $25 per-covered-life additional tax on insured health plans on and off the exchange. What!? That equates to roughly 2% of all premiums… [Read More]

Flash News: 2015 Rates Going Up, System Becoming Even More Complex


Recently I was quoted in Employee Benefit Adviser magazine about requested increases on the New York State health insurance exchange. In what is turning into an annual dance, insurers have requested an average increase of 14.6%. When the reporter called, I paused to consider the irony. New York insureds would not take an increase of this… [Read More]

The (Tax) Cliffs of More


Good news. New York State doubled its estate tax exemption. It jumped from a meager $1,000,000 to $2,062,500 for this tax year, with plans to ratchet up annually through 2019, when it will catch up with the Federal exemption of $5,250,000. However, if you are afraid of heights—as I am—beware of the cliffs as we climb!… [Read More]