Introduce Voluntary Benefits Outside of Open Enrollment

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Here we are again… Open enrollment madness for core benefit programs is in the rearview mirror and human resources teams can focus on planning for next year. It pleases me to see voluntary benefits gaining more traction with employers of all sizes, but I’ve noticed that most employers’ initial thought is to introduce new voluntary offerings… [Read More]

Healthcare is a Three-Ring Circus

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Open enrollment has started for the 1/1/2018 policy year and anyone faced with a purchase decision is surely confused. On the off chance that any of those prospective healthcare exchange customers are following this blog I thought I would take this opportunity at the start of the shortened open enrollment period to clarify the rules:… [Read More]

Don’t Close the Book on Open Enrollment Yet


As open enrollment comes to a close, it’s tempting to want to put it behind us as quickly as possible. After all, who doesn’t have other projects to move on to. But while enrollment is still fresh in your mind, take a few minutes to evaluate how it went, in these specific areas: Communication –… [Read More]

Open Enrollment Riddles: Decoding the Process for Employees


The Frenkel Help Desk is bracing for the annual flood of calls which comes along each open enrollment season. Healthcare is confusing for many employees, and we expect similar questions each year. Questions are inevitable – and that’s what we’re here for. But it’s up to employers to arm employees up front with clear communications…. [Read More]

OE Checklist: Last Chance to Catch Items You May Have Missed This Busy OE Season

OE Check List

What a busy time of year for most of us in the benefits arena. ‘Tis the season. In the midst of open enrollment chaos, employers are inundated with the frenzy of work and planning to ensure that employees are set for their new year. But what I’m always concerned about is what employers may be… [Read More]

Health Republic’s Buyer Beware Warning for OE Season


Sunday marked the beginning of the annual open enrollment (OE) period for anyone seeking coverage under an individual health insurance policy. We’re now on year three of the ACA’s insurance marketplace open enrollment which means we’ve had some time to see how things have played out. Well – buyer beware. What more than 200,000 individuals… [Read More]

As Expected, Another Co-op Collapse – What Health Republic’s Fate Says about Government Involvement in Healthcare


Another health co-op has failed. Health Republic of New York becomes the fourth nonprofit startup created under the ACA to meet the unsurprising fate of a forced shutdown following massive losses. I previously wrote about the shaky outlook that co-ops were facing when CoOportunity Health collapsed in Iowa and Nebraska earlier this year. While the… [Read More]