Participation: Is It a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

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One of the central tenets of underwriting medical plans is to avoid adverse selection at all cost. Adverse selection results when a plan is designed or priced in such a way that it only adequately incentivizes sicker employees to enroll; failing to attract good risk to offset the bad. For this reason, most insurers historically… [Read More]

Clinical Management Programs – Where Are The Employees?


Over the past few years employers have been more aggressive in trying to get their employees to participate in clinical management programs. It makes sense for both the employer and the employees – these programs are designed to improve the long-term health of employees with chronic conditions such as asthma or diabetes, plus they’re designed… [Read More]

The Waste in Wellness


Esteemed bioethicist Ezekiel Emanuel recently wrote in The New York Times that he wouldn’t get his annual physical. Can’t say I’m surprised. In numerous investigations, clinicians have found that these yearly exams, which were once heralded as the pinnacle of prevention, are actually of dubious benefit. I’m not denying the occasional life-saving benefits of these… [Read More]

Wellness Not By the Book? Relax, Might Be For the Best


I admit it: I used to be a health information junkie. I first realized my thirst for knowledge during undergraduate school when I began researching and writing term papers on nutrition. My appetite for information grew stronger when I was finishing graduate school, writing big research papers on worksite wellness. I prided myself on reading… [Read More]

An Inviting Wellness Suite: Pick Out Your Own Outfit


If you’ve been twiddling your thumbs waiting for researchers to report the Truth (with a capital T) about wellness programs, do yourself a favor and just get on with it. But there are right and wrong ways to get on with it. Find ways to palatably introduce wellness to your employees. You know as well… [Read More]