Take Politics Out of Healthcare

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Three additional states have joined California in an investigation of the third largest insurer in the United States – Aetna – alleging their medical director denied a $20,000-per-dose infusion, admitting in a deposition that he never looked at [the] patient’s medical records. The media and public have cried out that the insurer has put profits over patient… [Read More]

Will the Future President Fix Healthcare?

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As I listen to the leading presidential candidates, I can’t help but think, as Donald Trump boasted that he would do “something terrific” and “people are going to go out and negotiate great plans with lots of different competition…[and stuff],” that he is exhibiting the least market knowledge and the most schoolyard bravado of all… [Read More]

Finally, the ACA is Getting “Improved”

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Whether one supports the ACA or vehemently opposes it, until recently it was nearly impossible to find any bipartisan consensus on ways to modify it. Republicans were hell-bent on a wholesale demolition of the law and Democrats were stubbornly opposed to any changes, no matter how sensible they may be. Well it appears the tide… [Read More]

Doc Fix – Is it Finally Fixed?

Doc Fix – Is it Finally Fixed

Price controls don’t work to control cost inflation. Politicians are not the most steadfast policymakers; over time, changing and re-changing direction. Nowhere have these two truisms been more evident than in the debate surrounding the Medicare sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula. In 1997, Congress imposed a formulaic price control to reign in the escalating budget… [Read More]

The Affordable Care Act Begins to Feel the GOP Political Power Shift


And the post election politics begin. The recently unveiled spending bill, which keeps the government running through next September, shows a glimmer of the changing balance of power in Washington. It reduces funding for the Independent Payment Advisory Board, a board charged with finding ways to limit Medicare spending. This move is supported by the… [Read More]

Gallup Has Surveyed ACA: What America is Saying about Health Reform


Gallup, the renowned polling organization, has been looking at the U.S. healthcare system, releasing two new studies in October, 2014. The first poll shows the uninsured rate is at its lowest point, 13.4%. ACA is meeting its goal of reducing the uninsured; this statistic represents a 3.7% decline since the imposition of the individual mandate…. [Read More]

When Serious Illness Hits Home, What Use Is the Political Theater of ACA?


Americans love a good political process story. In a presidential election, we obsess over poll numbers. With the rollout of the ACA, we’ve been focused endlessly on Republican/Democratic sparring, with the media gladly delivering the blow-by-blow. What is getting lost in this came home recently when a family member suffered an infection that lodged in… [Read More]

Let’s Get Real: We Have to Make This Work


The healthcare game is seriously the hottest political one in town. First it was the Republican obstructionist antics and now Democratic commentators are spewing more spin than a kid’s top. We all need to face reality: It’s not a game. The stakes are too big. Let’s be clear about a couple of important points. When complaints pour… [Read More]

Redesigning Healthcare: Politics Needs to Take a Back Seat


I am watching House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy on “Face the Nation.” And I have to let him know that as a nation, we have gone too far to repeal and replace ACA. Beyond that, Republican Congressman McCarthy’s suggestions are: tort reform; crossing state lines to buy insurance; and allowing small groups to band together… [Read More]