Small Group Savior? Another Look at QSEHRAs

Magnifying glass looking at health care newspaper headline, on cash

Small employers are often looking for ways to break out of the community rated market and lower their health insurance costs, as I’ve witnessed firsthand and written about over the years. In more recent posts we’ve discussed reference-based pricing, PEOs and self-funding as methods small employers can use to potentially gain access to more favorable plan designs and rates. There’s… [Read More]

Is the Obama Roadmap for the Future of ACA on Track?

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In an article appearing in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), President Obama declared that the Affordable Care Act has been successful, and he also lays out a roadmap for his vision of the future. The article highlights three main points: While ACA has led to the expansion of covered Americans, it has not… [Read More]